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Filing for bankruptcy is an important legal step, and it is important to know as much about the law and the process as possible before taking that step. Myths and misconceptions abound and only serve to hinder you from making a sound decision. At the Law Offices of Kenneth Gallant, I work hard to inform my clients about all aspects of bankruptcy, to help them fully explore their legal options. I'd like to take this opportunity to dispel some myths and misconceptions about bankruptcy.

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Let's Bust Some Bankruptcy Myths

At the Law Offices of Kenneth Gallant, I give my clients straight talk about bankruptcy. I will tell you the pros and cons of filing for bankruptcy and help you separate myth from fact. Let's explore some common bankruptcy myths:

  • Bankruptcy myth #1: "After filing for bankruptcy, I will never get credit again."
  • The facts: You will most likely have credit opportunities immediately after filing for bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy gives people with overwhelming debt a golden opportunity to start rebuilding their credit.
  • Bankruptcy myth #2: "If I file for bankruptcy, the government will take all of my property."
  • The facts: Most people who file for bankruptcy lose no property at all. Most people who file for Chapter 7 have no property to lose. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed to allow people to keep their home and other significant assets.
  • Bankruptcy myth #3: "I must pay back all my debt if I file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy."
  • The facts: While some people who file for Chapter 13 have to pay back 100% of their debt, many only have to pay back 20% or even less. The total amount of debt discharged depends on your specific circumstances.
  • Bankruptcy myth #4: "After the 2005 law changes, I am no longer eligible to file for bankruptcy."
  • The facts: "Everyone who could file for bankruptcy before 2005 can still file today. There are simply a few more steps to the process.
  • Bankruptcy myth #5: "People who file for bankruptcy are lazy, immoral or both."
  • The facts: Most bankruptcies are the result of a job loss, a medical crisis or some other unforeseen setback. The overwhelming majority of people who file are well-meaning people who just need a chance to get back on their feet.

I hope I have helped you dispel some misleading bankruptcy myths. There are many places to get information about bankruptcy, but not all of them will provide you with accurate information. As your bankruptcy lawyer, I will always give you the facts, so that together we can chart a course to a fresh financial start.

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