Providing A Clear Financial Future

Debt can be overwhelming and debilitating. My goal is to provide customized debt relief solutions that uncover the right path toward financial freedom.

Are You Overwhelmed By Debt?

Many New York families are unable to cover their monthly mortgage payments, utility bills and other necessary expenses. As the year progresses, they can fall further and further into debt as penalties and fees exacerbate an already stressful financial situation. Eventually, the debt can become so overwhelming that you may not see a way out. At the Law Office of Kenneth Gallant, I provide guidance for families that require debt relief and want a new financial future. I have 40 years of dedicated debt relief experience and know what legal strategies can address your needs.

Personalized Counsel Toward A Fresh Start

Each family’s circumstances and goals are unique. I provide each client with undivided attention and personalized legal solutions that address their debt concerns. When you work with my firm, I act as a trusted partner throughout your case. I will thoroughly explain how bankruptcy laws impact your situation and ensure that you have the information you need to make important decisions.

After you file for bankruptcy, I can provide the key information you need to rebuild your credit score and develop patterns of behavior that encourage financial stability. Clients usually find relief immediately after filing. Creditors cannot continue to harass you, your possessions are protected from repossession and, most importantly, you know that you have found a way out.

Contact Our Attorney For Thorough Legal Counsel

If you face substantial debt, you deserve an experienced lawyer who can help you determine your options and uncover a financial solution. Call my firm at 585-232-7560 to schedule a free case evaluation today. You may also email my office. I have offices in Rochester and the surrounding area for your convenience. I can accept weekend and after-hours appointments upon request. Additionally, I regularly accept referrals from other attorneys and can travel to your law office to discuss a case.

My firm is a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

End Your Financial Concerns

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