Assisting Families Facing Bankruptcy And Divorce

Divorce and debt are often linked. Divorce can lead to debt, and debt can lead to divorce. At the Law Office of Kenneth Gallant, I understand the pressures divorcing and divorced spouses face. I work closely with each client to evaluate his or her circumstances and develop a plan that provides for a stable financial future. With 40 years of bankruptcy experience, I understand how to customize debt relief solutions for individuals facing any complicated situation.

If you face debt and divorce, you require a strong legal advocate. Call my firm at 585-232-7560 to discuss your debt relief options with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. For your convenience, I have law offices in Rochester, New York, and the surrounding area.

Should You File For Bankruptcy Before Divorce?

Financial problems often lead to the dissolution of marriage, and spouses undergoing divorce are frequently saddled with additional overwhelming debt. Filing for bankruptcy before a divorce can simplify property division proceedings. A streamlined divorce results in lower attorney’s fees and can save you significant resources. Discussing your family’s financial situation with a bankruptcy attorney also provides a clearer indication of your financial state before divorce.

Did Your Divorce Create Overwhelming Debt?

Divorced couples are often under severe financial pressure as one household becomes two. In some cases, one spouse can inherit significant debt from the other during their divorce’s debt division arrangements. Regardless of the cause, bankruptcy can alleviate your overwhelming debt and its consequences, such as creditor harassment and wage garnishment.

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