Can You Qualify For Credit Post-Bankruptcy?

Debt problems that lead to a bankruptcy filing are not something you will want to revisit. A vast majority do not as bankruptcy seems to be a one-time solution after debts have been discharged.

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Get The Facts About Qualifying For A Loan Or Credit Card

While there are minimum wait periods for some loans, you will receive credit card offers upon completion of your bankruptcy. Creditors know that you cannot file bankruptcy for another seven years, meaning that you cannot discharge the debts you incur from them.

Other loans — including one for a car — are possible. However, any type of offer you get for credit comes with expensive strings attached. While creditors are anxious to have you apply, these unfavorable loan offers may come with high interest rates and annual fees and other charges.

Securing a mortgage, meanwhile, is based on the requirements of individual mortgage lenders and wait periods established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Qualifying will depend on your income, your debt and your down payment.

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